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Minor's sells bulk mulch by the cubic yard. Types of bulk mulch are pictured below. Bagged mulch is also available. Bagged mulch is sold in 2 cubic foot bags.

Use this Mulch Calculator to determine how much mulch you need. 

Mulch Calculator

Please select an integer for the depth e.g. 4"
Please enter an integer for square footage needed e.g. 300

Most mulches are applied 2" - 4" thick. A course mulch (such as chunk bark) or a mulch that decomposes rapidly (such as fresh wood chips) can be applied as thick as 6 inches.

This calculator can also be used to estimate the amount of top soil needed to cover an area at the chosen depth. 

Chocolate Painted Mulch

Red Painted Mulch

Gold Painted Mulch

Organic Compost

No manure - branches, leaves, food and
other compostable wastes (sold by the yard)

Premium Hardwood Mulch

Hemlock/Pine Mix Mulch

Budget Hardwood Mulch

Playground Chips

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