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Roses are the oldest cultivated ornamental plants found in the garden today. Used for perfumes, nutrition and fragrances, and just for the true beauty of the rose itself. At Minor's we carry Garden Roses (Hybrid Tea) and hardy shrub roses. Use the Plant Search to see all our roses. They are classified in two categories, hybrid and shrub:

The Hybrids are generally a grafted rose. They are remontant (re-current bloomer), free branching upright or bushy habit shrub. Flowers are usually doubled and often scented borne in clusters of 3"-5" flushes from summer to autumn. They flower from 2nd year wood and on new wood. Use as a specimen plant, hedge or for cut flowers. Hybrids usually require winter protection.

We carry hardy shrub roses which have been cultivated on their own root. Most require little or no winter protection. Most have scented flowers, some bearing single to semi-double flowers. Flower heads are usually followed by rose hips. We carry groundcovers to climbers and small to large shrubs. Use as a border, hedge, bed or specimen plant.

Maintenance for all roses:
All roses require a minimum of 6 hours of sun a day, in well drained soil. Watering should be done in the morning as evening watering will promote fungus. It is important to keep your roses well maintained. Watch for black spot or mildew and apply a fungicide as necessary with first detection. During growing season, remove all dead, damaged and diseased wood, suckers and blind shoots. Dead head all roses unless rose hips are desired. Use a systemic fertilizer containing insecticide every 6 weeks, for optimum health of the plant.

Winter Care for Hardy Shrub Roses:
Clean up all leaves from ground, so fungus doesn't spread over winter. (For spring clean up, remove black portion of canes). Remove the black portion of the canes.

Winter Care for Hybrid Teas:
Cut back main stems to 8"-10" above ground. Trim side shoots to 4"-6" and remove spindly shoots, hill up with mulch or loose soil over grafting. Clean up all leaves from ground. Cover with rose cones or mound fresh dirt over entire plant. It is important to cover before weather is consistently below freezing, usually in late November. Plants should be uncovered when the temperatures are consistently above freezing, usually mid-March. If warm weather occurs during the period of time the plants are covered, some ventilation may be necessary.

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