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Upright Japanese Yew - Taxus Capitata

The Japanese Yew requires some special precautions. It is a plant that requires regular watering, but should have good drainage. It should not be planted in low areas or where water could stand.

For example, do not plant near a down spout from a roof. Avoid planting in open windy corners or in sun reflecting areas. Do not plant in planter boxes or pots, or under overhangs.

When planting, make sure this plant is in a protected area, never out in the open. Plant near buildings or similar background.

Make sure this plant is not planted too deep. Root ball should be just covered or burm up above ground. Lower branches should not be buried in soil. Failure to watch this might lead to bottom branch deterioration.

It is advisable to wrap the entire plant with burlap the first winter. This should be done in late November and removed in late March. Make sure as with all evergreens, to water in till ground freezes. In the event of thawed ground conditions in the winter, do not hesitate to give the plant 10 gallons of water.

In general, all species of Japanese Yews will tolerate some degree of shade. The spreading variety, Taxus Nigra and upright variety, Taxus Hicksi being the best adapted to shade.

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